Pro Electric Car Jack Kit

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Car jacks are made for temporary lifting of vehicles. They should never been used in replacement of jack stands. Please be sure to stick a wheel or some block under the vehicle for added safety.


  • Capacity (Load):1-10T
  • Max Height: 450mm(14.2″)
  • Min Height:135mm(5.3″)
  • Rated power:150W
  • Operating Voltage:DC12V
  • Max.current:13A
  • Max.Loading Car Weight:5T
  • Lifting range:135-450mm(5.3″-14.2″)
  • Power Cable:3.5m(137.8″)
  • Jack size:31*15*14.5cm(12.2″*5.9″*5.7″)
  • Jack weight: 7kg Plastic box size:L36*W22*H18cm(14.2″*8.7″*7.1″)
  • For Electric Inflator Pump: Air Flow: 9.2 gal/min (35 L/min)
  • Max Pressure: 10 BAR/150 PSI Hose Length: 25.6 in. (0.65m)
  • Current: 10A

There is nothing like driving to work when your tire light comes on. Before you know it you start hearing what sounds like a flat tire. You pull over and find that it’s your lucky day. You ran over a screw in the road and now your tire is losing air FAST! Maybe you were on your way to a new interview or something important!

The time is ticking and if you were to is a traditional car jack you’d be getting covered in dirt and grease. That’s no way to show up to an interview. What if you had an electric car jack that lifted the car for you? It could save you precious moments and get you back on the road. Even if you don’t have an outlet near you you can plug up this electric car jack right up to your battery.

In minutes you can have your wheel switched our and be on your way. Maybe you just have a low tire and need some extra air. Lucky for you this electric car jack has a built in air compressor. In addition the kit comes with a gauge, gloves, an emergency multi tool and plugs. You’ll have everything you need to get out of most sticky car situations.

The our bolt electric car jack has multiple features and uses. The jack itself has a saddle that lets you lift the vehicle without damaging your car. A large power cord is included so you can reach even your rear tires. Built in is an LED flashlight which provides a bright light. You can illuminate the area you’re working or let other drivers know to steer clear.

The air compressor is strong and has the capability to fill your tire up in a few minutes. We know time is precious that’s why we are offering this strong reliable electric car jack. This jack can lift 1-10 tons. That’s more than most vehicles weigh. Plus the lift raises up to 450mm. Get the height you need to get your wheel off. No manual labor need with this electric car jack doing all of the work.

The entire package is encased in a strong abs case. It is very rugged and with stand drops and spills. The bolt car jack can run off of 12 volts. That means you can plug it up directly to the battery or through the cigarette lighter. Either way you can get your vehicle back on the road in a jiffy. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying,

★★★★★ K***o US fast service great price and seller 13 Aug 2020 15:40

★★★★★ A***n PLalways, quickly and goods as described. I recommend this seller to all buyers. 04 Jun 2020 14:54

★★★★★ D***a NZ Excellent quality. Very satisfied with the product. The shipping was fast. 19 Aug 2020 17:12


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